Discover learning the FUN way!


EduCamp Finland provides tailored educational camps for groups. The program is tailor-made to meet your expectations.

Our camp is an unforgettable experience full of exciting activities. You’ll get to try out exhilarating new technologies and build your self-confidence as well as develop your 21st-century skills. You will fall in love with the Finnish nature vibrating nordic exotic freshness seen nowhere else on the planet.


To make it absolutely impossible to top this, our program is delivered to you by the world’s best summer camp staff. Our camp is run by Finnish teachers with university-level master’s degree in education from Finnish universities and vast experience in hosting summer camps.


Forget about lectures! It’s time to discover learning the fun way. We design our unique summer camp programs to introduce specific educational themes. Our themes are based on STEAM, soft skills and developing your unique abilities. Our hands-on activities ensure great fun while learning as well as a lasting engram.







Mikko Hömmö, CEO

"EduCamp Finland is a unique concept based on Finnish pedagogical expertise. I'm proud of the fact that our participants get a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has no match to it."



Finland (Suomi) is situated in the northern of Europe. The country has land borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia. Estonia is south of the country across the Gulf of Finland. Finland is a Nordic country built out of exotic nature, friendly people and a school system like no other.

The Finnish nature is known for our vast forrests, clean air and pure water. Finland is often called the land of a thousand lakes - which is an understatement as you'll learn!



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