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Priority #1 in everything we do.


EduCamp Finland is based on over a decade of experience in successfully arranging both national and international summer camps across the world. When sending your child to our summer camp, you can rest assured of the highest level of supervision and safety.

Teachers and staff


We’ve made sure that our staff consists of professional Finnish teachers with strong experience in youth development. We have the highest standards for our teachers and other staff as well as our activities and the location.


·Hiring - we only hire the most qualified, experienced and passionate teachers with a master’s degree in education.

·Every teacher goes through a mandatory police background screening.

·We run a full safeguarding training session in our staff orientation - everyone is clear on our safeguarding policies.

·Our staff is regularly trained in first-aid as well as water safety issues.

·All EduCamp Finland activities are supervised.

·There are always teachers on duty 24/7.



The Finnish medical system is comprehensive and always within easy reach. In the rare case of illness or accident, parents are contacted and updated on what is being done to help their child.


For safety reasons, all our participants are required to carry travel insurance. You will need to provide us with detailed medical and health information for the safety of your child.


·First aid facilities and qualified individuals available 24 hours a day.

·The closest health center is less than 10 minutes car ride from the camp.

·If a participant needs to see a doctor, they are always accompanied by a staff member.

·Parents are always notified in case of any injury or illness.



We take special precautions regarding hand-hygiene, safety and the well-being of all our participants and staff. We follow rules and recommendations of health-care officials.Our staff members are vaccinated against Covid-19.



We make sure every participant feels welcome in our camp. Good group building facilitates the campers' comfy feeling. We’ve got so much fun activities going on all the time that usually the homesickness blows over very fast.

If a camper does get homesick, we will:

·Speak with them and pay extra attention to their feelings.

·Find out what they are enjoying so far and who they have enjoyed spending time with.

·Focus on what they are looking forward to and concentrate on the fun activities coming up.

·Contact their parents if necessary.

Emergency Procedure Policy

Finnish legislature requires us to have an emergency policy in case of fire or other unlikely accidents.

·The campsite has automatic fire alarm system.

·We have a full emergency procedure policy.

·All staff members are trained in emergency procedures.

·We practice the procedure during the first day of the camp so that everyone feels safe and sure.

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