Our camps are tailored to meet the needs of your student group. Our pedagogical experts design all our programs based on Finnish pedagogy. Before designing the program, we map out your needs for educational themes, content and activities. Below is a sample program description.


A typical day's program includes a versatile set of activities, both indoors and outdoors. Each day is wrapped around a unique theme that we immerse ourselves in.


Our campers are encouraged to create and develop their own ideas into real projects on the themes, either individually or in small groups. We always leave time for free play too, as that’s when the best ideas are often born!

Exemplary day programme: "Nature"

8:00 Wake-up and preparing for the day

8:30 Breakfast available

9:30 Save the planet - original game

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Forest Fun: Fresh berries from the woods and planting our birdhouses on trees

14.00 Snacks

15:30 Activity time "capture the flag"

17:00 Dinner

18:00 You choose: Code-hour or baking a traditional Finnish blueberry pie

20:00 Evening Snacks: Including a self-made blueberry pie! Yum!

21:00 Evening show!

22:30 Good night! (An optional night out in a tent offered for the adventurous)


Sports and activities are integral to the program. Our campers can take part in basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, badminton, frisbee golf and much more. The campsite provides excellent possibilities to enjoy the Finnish nature. We do hiking trips and berry picking from the woods. We get to know our lovely sheep and other farm animals and visit the lake nearby for a beach day.

During the camp, there are excursion days, too. There is a wide selection of cities and attractions for you to choose from. A day in Helsinki visiting a science center and an amusement park?

A visit to the world's only Moomin Museum in Tampere and a historic, pictorial artisanal site?


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All activities are led and monitored by our teachers to ensure safety. 


Here are some of the excursions available:
-The World's only Moomin Museum
-Helsinki City Center + sights and shopping
-Linnanmäki Amusement Park
-Suomenlinna historical fortress (world heritage site)
- Turku medieval castle
-Beach day at lakeside, watersports
-More at request

Beach day at lake side
Beach day at lake side
Parks in Helsinki
Parks in Helsinki
Linnanmäki Amusement Park
Linnanmäki Amusement Park
Moomin Museum
Moomin Museum

Courtesy of Jari Kuusenaho/Tampere Art Museum

Helsinki City Centre
Helsinki City Centre

Suomenlinna World Heritage Island