Our program is designed to introduce ten educational themes. These themes will be introduced through hands-on activities, relying on Finnish world renowned pedagogy, which keeps learners motivated ensuring great fun and great learning outcomes. The campers also get a great sense on independence on the camp.



We share our stories, collaborate and build trust to ensure the perfect camp atmosphere. Together we make the experience outstanding and memorable. You will learn valuable social skills, team work, leadership skills and communication.


The campsite provides us possibilities to do hikes in the forrest, pick berries and vegetables, do birdwatching and enjoy the pure and clean air. You will learn about Finnish nature, ecological decision making and sustainability.


During our camp you will learn what is the meaning of different businesses in a society and what it's like to be an entrepreneur and run your own business.


Creativity has become one of the most needed skills nowadays as we are facing problem solving tasks everyday at school and at work. Creativity is built upon self-expression and not being afraid of making mistakes. During the camp you will adopt a creative mindset and how to acquire it in problem solving.


Understanding technology as a phenomena can enhance our abilities to benefit from it holistically when creating, sharing and learning. Students get to practice coding, robotics and other creative activities where technology is used as an enabler.


We grow in a culturally, linguistically and philosophically sensible world. It is important to learn to respect all people around us equally. Practicing cultural awareness, interaction skills, ability to express oneself and to understand others is important for identity and well-being.


Information and communications technology skills are needed in everyday human interaction and social participation. We are building our understanding of the media rich world where we need to be able to interpret and produce various types of messages in a culturally diverse and technological environment.


As success is known to correlate with happiness, it is suggested that positive affect leads to happiness which can engender success. The development of social and emotional skills aims to support students’ understanding of the meaning of healthy social relationships in life and the ability to identify and manage one’s own feelings.


Healthy body, healthy mind. At the camp we play sports and eat healthy. Understanding the importance of taking care of your own well-being is crucial in the early age when our life habits are developing. Our campers learn to respect a healthy diet as well as enjoying exercising which keeps your mind focused and happy.


As educators we are preparing our students for the future which nobody can predict. We conduct future-projects that combine the use of imagination and analytical thinking skills, in order to draw conclusions where our society is heading to with technological and societal changes.